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From 3 to 5
(with Dresser)

“From 3 to 5 (with Dresser)” is a result of the time of engagement with a sentimental object capable of producing images. This is the exploration into the qualities of something that’s old and inherited, where dust and deposits are able to pronounce themselves.


The image of the room from the past keeps repeating itself like a reoccurring dream, or like the function of the machine itself. Coming back over and over to reproduce this imagined memory, the author becomes the function of the apparatus, repeating behaviours and repeating pre-existing codes, made to operate the machine according to the machine’s disposition.


The machine is never visible; living in the dark yet made for the purpose of representation, it reveals itself only through its failure to last through time.


Its components marked by the air of its storage now become its way to speak. Filling each image with smoke, gun holes, broken glass and paint that peels off the walls, it conveys collective stories of its past co-inhabitants. These prints are the testimony to this machine’s vision. They are the confirmation of its existence and of its capability to “see” and to alter its product.


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