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Ola is a fine art photographer and workshop facilitator based in Brighton UK. Photographic medium and vision are at the foreground of their practice. Often borrowing from psychoanalysis their works explores how personal memories can be approached differently through process and performance. They work with digital and analogue media in all formats and uses camera-less technologies to articulate the material condition of photography and its production processes. Ola is a member of the award winning Pryzma collective and Difficult Darkroom Womxn.


As an experienced tutor in photography Ola is carrying workshops for groups in partnership with local businesses and individual classes upon request. They offer a wide range of workshops on photographic techniques and software. Please get in touch to express your interest.

2022     Adapt&Adjust, The Regency Town House, Brighton

2021     MA Photography Graduate Show, University of Brighton, Brighton

2020     Nothing and Everything Happened, Regency Town House, Brighton

2019     BA Photography Graduate Show, University of Brighton, Brighton

2018     Artist Take Over at Silo, Brighton

2018     The whole is other (than the sum of its parts) Onca, Brighton

2018     Corneacopia, Edward Street Gallery, Brighton

2011     Teper collective exhibition, Zadra Gallery, Warsaw

2010     Young Blood of Swietokrzyskie, MCK Gallery, Skarzysko-Kamienna

2009     My Space, MCK Gallery, Skarzysko-Kamienna

2009     My Space, Zadra Gallery, Warsaw

2009     Points of View, MCK Gallery, Skarzysko-Kamienna

2008     Family Exhibition, Zadra Gallery, Warsaw


2020     PhotoFringe DWMA People's Choice Award Winner

2019     Photoworks Graduate Award Runner-Up


2019 - 2021     MA Photography at University of Brighton

2016 - 2019     BA Photography at University of Brighton, Firstclass Degree

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